Blog By Amanda Morrison: Volunteer at the Community Food Stop

Wednesday 21st February 2018

Image of Fish Pie
Fish Pie






Hi to you all. We had another amazing day at the café, I hope you all enjoyed our fish pie today?  I have not cooked this for a long time. You were all so kind with your remarks and comments. One of our customers gave me a 10/10 which was very much appreciated. This gives me the inspiration to try new recipes. Our carrot and coriander soup was also big hit with you all. I would love to hear from you, at any time. I hope some of the photographs give you an insight to what we do when preparing for the café each week.

On 21st February I will be continuing work, facilitated by NHS, Community Food and Health Scotland to participate in a community cafe evaluation programme. On completion, an evaluation template will be implemented, for future use, by all Community Cafes across Scotland. In the past six months I have also visited three very different cafes in Glasgow and Edinburgh, as part of the evaluation programme. This has been very enlightening to discover what other services are available in Scotland, for people living in food poverty/insecurity or social isolation.


Amanda's first year anniversary









Wednesday 7th February 2018

On Monday 5th February I celebrated a year of volunteering at the Community Food Stop.  It’s been hard work but lots of fun; I have cooked over 2,400 meals over that time for our local residents and for people from neighbouring communities.  To be appreciated by all the other volunteers and staff is an amazing feeling.  I am looking forward to another busy week.

Pop in for a cuppa and a chat or better still come and have lunch at the Community Food Stop Café in Bonar Bridge Community Hall.  Don’t forget we are now advertising our Monday recipe on the Community Food Stop Facebook page.  Give it a go at home and let us know how it went.  We are always looking for new ideas for recipes!  If you have any suggestions or comments then please contact us through Facebook.

To find out more about volunteering click here.