Bonar Primary Eco Day

Bonar Bridge Primary School’s Eco Action Day

Image of volunteers
Volunteers at Bonar Bridge Eco day

On Friday 22nd February, Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust’s Energy Advice Service teamed up with Bonar Bridge Primary School to coordinate an Eco Action Day!

School children, teachers, parents and local volunteers made the most of the lovely weather and rolled their sleeves up to help clear-up and prepare the school garden for the growing season.

Throughout the day the pupils threw themselves into gardening tasks which included weeding, constructing compost bays and seed planting; as well as litter picking and ‘reduce-reuse-recycle’ activities. The children took part in a circuit of outdoor learning activities such as pond dipping, soil testing, worm investigations, and a ‘Bio Blitz’ quadrant study to inspect the natural habitat of the creatures that reside in the school garden! They experienced weaving with willow, and also helped to make a giant pot of delicious homemade soup using organically grown vegetables from the newly launched Dingwall Academy Market to feed the local volunteers!

Tony Sergeant, Depute Head Teacher of Dornoch Firth Campus commented, “It was so pleasing to join pupils, parents, staff and members of our wider community coming together in the spirit of sustainability. Everyone involved seemed to really enjoy the day. We want to ensure that this garden continues to be a focus for outdoor education and community engagement for years to come. Thank you so much to everyone for their efforts.”

The pupils added:
“It was great to have time learning outside. I enjoyed learning about what lives in our school grounds.” (P7)
“It was great to get everybody involved, everyone helped each other.” (P4)
“I found out about a plant in our pond. We called it a Lego plant because it came apart in sections like Lego.” (P1)
“I enjoyed planting potatoes in the garden.” (P1)

Image from Bonar Eco Day

Lynn Munro from Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust who led the pond dipping activity said, “Listening to these young individuals shout ‘Wow – there really is life in our pond!’ is a reminder of the value of sharing time outdoors. It opens minds, eyes and hearts to connect to our air, water, land and the species that share our home during such an urgent time of change. We need individuals that care, can feel motivated and hopeful within communities… days like these remind us of the potential to create positive change.”

Arabella Kennard from Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust added:
“We’d really like to thank all the volunteers and staff who joined us on the day – including Ian Paterson for his willow weaving skills, and Amanda Morrison for running the outdoor soup kitchen. We must thank our partners Lairg Learning Centre and their tutors, Emma Armstrong, Hugh Moore and Graham Lonsdale for lending their expertise on the day and donating pallets for the compost bays. We are also very grateful to all the people who donated seeds, compost and manure to get us started…. If anyone would like to donate food or garden waste directly to the school garden’s compost bins please do so.

The school has 15 raised beds in total. They are offering the opportunity to ‘Adopt a raised bed’ to any community member or group who want to take on a raised bed and start growing. Anyone who might be interested is invited to chat to the school about setting this up.”