Sutherland Community Engagement

Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust is carrying out a Community Engagement Project covering all of Sutherland

Photo from a community engagement event

Funded by the Aspiring Communities Fund, the Community Engagement Team at Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust is assisting local communities and the Sutherland Community Partnership in creating local development plans. Using a wide variety of methods to capture views and opinions of local people we evidence current needs in local communities. By doing this, we are helping to bring communities and statutory agencies together to work on the issues that matter the most, whether this is through a better provision of public services or by supporting community-driven local developments.

Sutherland Community Engagement 2018/19 will run until December 2019. By this time, all people in Sutherland will have had the opportunity to have their say on shaping their community’s future.

For more information about the Sutherland Community Partnership and to read the development plans that have been published click here. 

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Ardgay and District Community Plan

Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust and Sutherland Community Partnership are happy to announce the publication of the Ardgay and District Community Plan. The Plan highlights the findings from a period of community engagement that took place in Ardgay and District in the Summer of 2018.

People were encouraged to fill out a questionnaire and attend workshops in order to provide their view on what they thought could best improve the community. Among the most common themes from the community engagement were issues and proposed solutions around transport, employment, local economy, tourism, housing, internet speeds, and mobile phone signal. Young people from Ardgay also participated in a workshop at Tain Royal Academy which allowed them to provide input to the Community Plan.

Any individual or community group with an interest in improving and developing the area are free to use the document to identify project needs, evidence funding proposals or use for further community engagement. The Plan will also, along with plans from the rest of Sutherland, help to inform of the work of Sutherland Community Partnership.

Silvia Muras, Vice-Chair of Ardgay and District Community Council, said: “This is a great tool for community groups to help identify the areas which residents feel need improvement. We would like to thank the Community Engagement Team for their excellent work producing the Plan, that we hope will be of use to those working to improve the quality of life of Ardgay & District residents.”


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Meet the Community Engagement Team!

From left to right: James Turner, Martin Thomsen and Jodie Ross

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