Cosy Homes East Sutherland (CHESS)


March 2016 - March 2017

Cosy Homes East Sutherland Scheme (CHESS) is a 12 month project funded by the British Gas Healthy Homes fund and run through the Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust which aims to improve the health of householders across East Sutherland by providing practical energy efficiency measures for fuel poor and vulnerable households. Funding is available for boiler replacements, central heating system installation and/or replacement, double glazing, secondary glazing, heating control upgrades, floor insulation and draught proofing measures.

To make a positive impact on health of householders across East Sutherland by working with health practitioners to target vulnerable people whose health is negatively impacted by the condition of their home.

To reduce fuel poverty by providing and installing energy efficiency measures and providing emergency funding to households in fuel poverty in East Sutherland.

To increase the energy efficiency of houses across East Sutherland by raising awareness of energy efficiency measures and the benefits that an energy efficient home can bring to householders.

For further information please contact:
Sarah Forrest; Project Officer,
T: 01863 760050
Catriona Wright; Project Assistant,
T: 01863 760050