Five things you must do at Falls of Shin

By Dale Pryde – MacDonald


Visit the viewing platform

The perfect place to see salmon in their natural habitat. From the viewing platform you have the ideal view up the River Shin to see the surging water head towards the falls where the salmon will regularly leap  – trying to defy logic and get back up stream from the whirlpool at the foot of the falls. It’s the perfect opportunity to get those cameras out and try to capture the magic that is a leaping salmon. Photographs of the leaping salmon here have been seen and shared right across the globe and this is why people still, after all these years, come to Falls of Shin.

Image of viewing platfrom


Woodland Walks

With four well maintained woodland walks, it’s the perfect setting to get back to nature and immerse yourself in the greenery. There is so much to see within the woodland walks from the varying creatures, to the different types of trees and to the little games we have hidden in there for you too. There are walks from 0.4km to 2.0km so whether you have 20 minutes or two hours there is a walk for everybody.

Image of woodland path


Mini Golf

What is better than rediscovering your competitive side against friends or family? We have a great outdoor mini golf facility just a stone’s throw away from the café where you can enjoy a few holes and get easily frustrated when you realise maybe why you don’t play too regularly. We also have family packages to save on the cost. If your children are competitive it’s the perfect way to encourage that competitive spirit!

Image of mini golf at Falls of Shin


Black Isle Dairy

Who would have thought you could get Jaffa Cake, apple pie and gingerbread flavoured ice creams? At Falls of Shin we stock the incredible ranges of Black Isle Dairy Ice cream. Celebrating their 5th year in business Black Isle Dairy has gone from strength to strength but hasn’t lost their local roots and we are delighted to be stocking their very tasty ice cream at Falls of Shin. Please note we do not carry all ranges all of the time but please don’t let that deter you trying what we do have – especially the Caramelised Pear!

Image of ice cream at Falls of Shin


Live the Veni-moo experience

Now that our new operator, Mac & Wild, have their feet under the desk you have the perfect excuse to get in to the café and tackle the award winning Veni-moo burger. Voted London’s Best Burger 2016, the Veni-moo will leave your mouth watering. Packed inside a Brioche Bun there lies a beef patty, venison patty, cheese, béarnaise and caramelised onions but the key is definitely to add the Portmahomack candied bacon and a side of Haggis Mac n’ Cheese. You may have to loosen the belt buckle afterwards but it will be worth it!

Image of Veni Moo burger at Falls of Shin