Keep fit at Falls

By Dale Pryde-MacDonald (Experience Officer at Falls of Shin Visitor Attraction)

Image of Falls of Shin sign

Believe it or not, visiting Falls of Shin can keep you healthy. As you probably know by now there are an abundance of great walks in the woodlands at Falls of Shin. This coupled with the NHS advice on the great health benefits to walking, you have a chance to be active, lose weight and enjoy some excellent scenery.

The Walks

The beauty of walking at Falls has to be the range of walks available. There are four to choose from. Each one gives you a different chance to test yourself and see some great sights. So, whether it’s a 15-minute power walk or a 45-minute graft give each one a whirl and find the one that suits you best.

Smash it!

The National Health Service suggests a walking pace of 3mph to get the heart rate up. They also advise at least 10 minutes walking at that pace. What does this mean for you? Well – it means you can manage your walk. Start slowly, pick up the pace for 10 minutes and then ease it back down. If this is done, and the box is ticked, this is commonly known as “Smashing it”!

Never gonna give you up

Make sure you have some good tracks for your walk. The key to enjoying a good walk is to have a pair of headphones linked to your phone or device. Throw yourself in to your favourite playlist and this will make the walk so much more enjoyable. Just don’t get caught dancing in the woods!

Take a break

There is so much to see and enjoy on the woodland walks so don’t be afraid to stop. Whether it’s a wee seat half way through or to take a picture, stopping for 30 seconds is not going to ruin all your good work. If your heart rate is going up with the walk, it’s a great way to balance your oxygen levels.


One great way of enjoying a walk is company. If you have friends or family that can join you it gives you a great chance to catch up or have a blether. One thing that works really well is having a group chat with friends where you can go for a daily weekly walk and arrange who can or can’t make it. Either way it’s a really good opportunity to spend quality time together.