Walking with nature at Falls of Shin

As your vehicle rolls in to the car park at Falls of Shin Visitor Attraction you are met by a green wall of forest bursting with beauty. The forest, which is owned and maintained by Forestry Commission Scotland, boasts four superbly relaxing and mind clearing walks where you will feel at ease alone or with friends and family.

The four walks at Falls of Shin are used regularly by both locals and visitors alike to which you can stop and realise the vast beauty of the green world surrounding you. Walking with nature has become a fashionable pass time in Sutherland with all ages taking to the outdoors to admire and bask in our beautiful scenery.

As well as the Instagram-friendly views, the Falls of Shin Woodland Walks can also be a great place to birdwatch. Many varieties of bird cross the Sutherland area throughout the year with one visitor managing to capture five different birds in one day at Falls of Shin. For our birdwatching fanatics this can be a great way to spend your day. We are also one of very few areas where you can still see the endangered Aspen hoverfly.

There are walks ranging from 0.4km to 2.0km so whether you have 20 minutes free or an hour free there is a walk for you. However, may we suggest our walk called “The Woodland Trail” which will see you walk alongside the River Shin to the mouth of the Falls, where if you are lucky you might get to see the Salmon leaping up – trying to avoid plunging back in to the whirling spiral visible from the viewing platform.

For more on the walks visit https://scotland.forestry.gov.uk/visit/falls-of-shin