Woodland walks

Walking at Falls of Shin

By Falls of Shin Experience Officer – Dale Pryde MacDonald

Walking has become one of the leading past times in the UK over the past 12 months. Falls of Shin is a great place in the North of Scotland to do this. With a range of brilliant walks designed and maintained by Forestry Commission Scotland, there is a lot to enjoy in the greenery.

image of trees


Seeing is believing. There is plenty to be seen at Falls of Shin when it comes to wildlife. From squirrels to birds it’s a great way for enthusiasts to see some wildlife in a very natural habitat. Falls of Shin is also only one of 14 places in the UK where the endangered Hoverfly survives. It’s a natural place to find birds foraging for food.


image of trees

Falls of Shin Woodland Walks have an incredible array of trees on display. Towering Conifer Trees can be found on the woodland trail, making for great photograph opportunities. The pine loop offers a spectacular scenic walk with various pine and larch areas offering lovely views that you can really get lost in. You will also find a great array of Aspen trees in a woodland that can capture beautiful memories and thoughts amidst a calming and relaxing surrounding.


Within the woodland walks there are some games and seating areas for visitors to  enjoy and take in the serene surroundings. Our friends at Forestry Commission Scotland have made this a fantastic place for young families to come, walk and enjoy and feel totally at one with nature.


Our Walks

Pine Loop

0.4km, allow 15 minutes minimum. Accessible for Pushchairs & Wheelchairs

Riverside Trail

1.0km, allow 30 minutes minimum.

Woodland Trail

2.0km, allow 45 minutes minimum